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Refractories for BF

Micropore corundum brick:
This product is using fused corundum as the key material, with special ingredients, and it use special production process to be microporosity, The performance reaches that of ceramic cup material introduces abroad. The three technical specifications of corrosion resistance to slag and alkaline, and pore volume are better than the physical object level. It reaches the international advanced level, and passed the achievement verification set by Henan scientific department. It can be used in the ceramic cup, tuyere, tap hole and slag hole, ect. of medium and big BF, and used in the 3200m3 of Wuhan Steel, 2000m3 of Tianjin Steel, 1260m3 of Liu Steel and 497m3 of Hangzhou Steel.

Carbon compound bricks
This product is used on the ceramic cup, tuyere, tap hole and slag hole, and it's a new-typed refractory material. It has the traditional ceramic cup character of corrosion resistance to iron, alkaline and slag, and also that of high-thermal conductivity of carbon bricks. It resolves the problem of the bad thermal stress of the traditional ceramic cup and bad erosion resistance to iron and oxidization of carbon bricks, and realized the microporosity with the strengths of traditional ceramic cup and carbon bricks. It fits the BF bottom, hearth ceramic cup upbricking, tuyere, tap hoe and slag hole of different BF capacity,

Compound brown corundum brick
The main materials are brown corundum and SiC, with special ingredients, typed by mould pressing, and refined after burning and pre-assembly, and then delivery. It has good corrosion resistance to alkaline and slag. It can be used on the BF bottom, hearth ceramic upbricking, tuyere, tap hole and slag hole.

Corundum Mullite Bricks
The product uses high-quality mullite, high-purity fused corundum as the main raw material, and adds a special additive, which is burnt through the high-pressure molding and high temperature. Product has a high load softening temperature, structure dense, low porosity, good corrosion resistance and other characteristics. It can be used to medium-sized blast furnace hearth, hearth ceramic masonry and wind, iron, and slag mouth combination of masonry. It has been used in 3200m3 blast furnace of wuhan iron and steel company, 2600m3 blast furnace of benxi iron and steel company, 917m3 blast furnace of handan iron and steel company. 

mould-pressed micropore carbon bricks
The product uses high-quality high-temperature electric calcined anthracite as the main raw material, adding a variety of fine powder additives and using special production processes in order to be micro-pores. It has excellent thermal conductivity, anti-alkali, anti-oxidation, anti-slag, anti-corrosion properties of hot metal and micro-pores of indicators. It can be used in blast furnace hearth, hearth, tap hole and blast furnace slag into the lining of masonry. It has been used in 3200m3 of ansteel company, 1260m3 of kunsteel company  and 750m3 of  liusteel company.

High alumina brick for blast furnace:

Alumina-Carbon Brick Series:
This series of products use high-quality bauxite clinker, corundum, graphite as main raw material, adding refine powder additives. They have micro-pores, alkali resistance and high thermal conductivity performances and so on. They are used in different furnace blast furnace waist, belly stove, cooling walls and other parts.

Fireclay bricks for blast furnace:

Monolithic refractories for matching:

Low Temperature Paste for Joint of Blas Furnace:
The product uses high-temperature electric calcined anthracite, graphite and other carbon-based as raw materials and adding a variety of additives. Using cold-ramming  craft to fill the gap between charcoal and cooling equipment, charcoal and charcoal, and the charcoal and fire-brick.

Carbon Cement (paste):
The main materials are high-temperature electric burnt anthracite and graphite, and the resin and ingredients are the binder. It is used in the upbricking micropore mould pressing carbon bricks, semi-graphite carbon-SiC bricks, semi-graphite BF carbon brick and graphite bricks.

Buffering Refractory Slurry:

Inlaying material cooling wall of blast furnace:
The main materials are high-temperature electric burnt anthracite and graphite, and the special solidified agent is added to fill cooling wall or between cooling walls and furnace lining. It can meet the requirement of the BF cooling walls under the normal-temperature solidification.

Cold Ramming Carbon Mix:

Extrusion Mix for Belly and Bosh of Blast Furnace:

Extrusion Mix for Down Stack of BF:

Gunning Mix for Shell of BF&HBS:

Iron Chips Fillings for Blast Furnace:
The main materials are clay grog, iron chips and iron powder, used for filling between cooling walls, between furnace throat bricks, and between cooling wall and tap hole, tuyere, slay hole jacket.

Water-free Extrusion Mix:
The main materials are high-temperature burnt anthracite, SiC and alum clay grog, PF resin is the binder, and the special micro powder is added. It fills between the shell and cooling wall and the gap of furnace bottom boards.

Ramming Xix for Trough of Blast Furnace:

Castables for Trough of Blast Furnace:

Pre-cast Blocks for Trough of Blast Furnace:

Slag Skimmer:

Water-free Taphole Mix:


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